The sexual act of two men licking a womens vagina at the same time, the T shape comes from the two men being either side
The only way to earn your T bird jacket! T Birding
by PJ_ February 11, 2011
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High Potency (18% ABV) citrus flavored fortified wine. A BUM WINE, in a family with Wild Irish Rose, Cisco, Maddog 20/20, and its next of kin Night Train. It is made by the same company that manufactures Night Train. Has a terrible yellowish color and foul odor. Taste terrible. Dirt cheap. Bum wines are the best bang for your buck when trying to get drunk on a budget.
Like its other Bum Wine Relatives.. T-bird seems to have some ingredient in it that makes the drinker go temporarily insane. Possibly liquid crack.
by Bryce L August 13, 2006
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wearing your pants low so the "T" of your thong is visible in back
When JCAHO saw the nurses on 10 Long "T birding", they remarked this is the most casual hospital environment they've ever seen.
by Anon .Y. Mous September 8, 2007
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The most wonderfull sight to be introduced to american men in the last few years. The rise of a womans thong or G-string, while her pants are lowered. T-bird, only works with pretty, sexy woman. When a T-bird is exposed on a fat woman - it is then called a 'T-bomb'.
Hey bro', Is that Carl's sister over there bending over? Yeah, check out her T-Bird. Nice !!!
by Seinfield August 5, 2005
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A nickname for any girl's name that starts with T, which usually means to fly away gracefully moving on with life, to be graceful, or just describing how beautiful she is. This is a great inspirational nickname if your girl is down.
Friend: "Don't fly away sweet T-Bird, come here, you are ok."

Girl being called T-Bird: "You are such a sweetheart."
by morechocolateplease July 8, 2011
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A naturally born badass who knows how to get inside chicks heads and make them drop down anytime he wants!
Hey look at t-bird he got those church girls named kortney and shaina to blow him!
by tbird69 February 5, 2010
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A unique individual of Pacific Island descent. Originally named Theresa, this amazing and splendid creature was given a variety of nick names. Not just T-Bird, but T-Bag and Terry as well. Tends to do interesting things upon drinking alcohol.
by JK February 8, 2005
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