The primitive yet ground-breaking game that was the precursor
to the sequel 'System Shock 2' which was way better.
System Shock won't run on my new computer without alot of tweaking because it's a dos game from way back when.
by Jim Butler March 15, 2006
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A game released the same time as Half life and bankruppting Looking Glass, the worlds Best gaming company. Most of LG now work at Ion Storm.
You are a person who voulebnteers for the space corps and undergoes a long period (3 years) of training. When you join the Vaun Braun, you find the space ship has been taken over by a rouge AI computer named Shodan. There are robots and organic life forms trying to kill you. Your objective is to escape.
by Anonymous October 6, 2003
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The much-improved sequel to the game System Shock, which continues the story 42 years later and pretty much improves on every aspect of the game while keeping the concept of merging
role-playing and first-person shooter genres in a near-seamless and highly-addicting way. It won several game-of-the-year awards and probably would have won many more had Half-Life not been released in the same year. If you have not played this game, you are missing a treat. It has a HUGE cult following. It is the most immersive game I have ever played.
"Dude!, I can't wait to get home and play System Shock 2"
"Man, I feel ya!, A Rumbler was chasing me yesterday and I forgot it was just a game"
by Jim Butler March 15, 2006
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