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The best exploit ever, the fastest, most features implemented, most stable exploit, most active community and support, least toxic community,
Guys step aside, this man has got Synapse X.

Jimmy uses Protosmasher, don't be like Jimmy.
by Azev April 21, 2019
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A roblox exploit, made by 3dsboy08 that has full lua execution, and is spoken as to be the best exploit for roblox.
Guy 1: What is the best roblox exploit?
Guy 2: Probably Synapse X
Guy 1: Oh cool, how much for it?
Guy 2: $20
Guy 1: arE YoU FUckinG SerIOUS?!
Guy 2: no
by Embrocation April 10, 2019
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It is now the best Exploit to use for ROBLOX as if Proto Smasher is not the best right now with Synapse X new update!
Many new features I have Proto smasher myself and I think it is not the best Because you get a water mark when injecting updates take over 3 weeks to be done Synapse X gets it done in a matter of a day! That's why I like Synapse X!
Synapse X Exploit ROBLOX
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Synapse X is a popular exploit for a game called Roblox. It is a Level 6 executor that is famous for its capabilities such as fast injection, bypasses the Roblox security, advanced UI and fast updates. The price for this exploit is $20. The creators of this exploit are 3dsBoy08, Defcon, Louka, Brack and Internal. The whitelist for this exploit is easy and you can also add themes.
3dsboy08: Protosmasher is an exploit for skids.
by Jаmеs June 21, 2019
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the machine that shits on bunbun fans
bunbun:/ consoleing
exploiter:fuckin idiot i got synapse x
bunbun:*gets shot and gets flung out 2000mph*
by paulwasatakenusername January 11, 2021
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