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The sweetest, funniest, most outstanding female who usually stands out from every other female. She has the nicest voice and tells hilarious jokes and hilarious stories with that soothing voice.
Sylvi is the cutest one in the group!
by autophobicman November 29, 2011
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discribes an heartstealing, good looking, funny, intelligent woman. In most cases vegetarian.
schual <3 sylvi, the gruby
by ephedrin February 10, 2005
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A kooky yet funky voluptuous woman who isn't afraid to say what she thinks. She will kick you out of wherever she wants to by just saying "Get out of here SCAT". She also enjoys torturing her children specially young blonde girls. She is from nowhere but everywhere at the same time.

You know if you have met a Sylvi if you just here "Excitement" or "Look at me and my lovely shiny bits"
"Oh her? She's the new girl, she's a Sylvi"
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