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That intense inner feeling of "Yes! I did it! Fuck you!" when you irrevocably prove someone wrong in reasoned debate.

So much more satisfying than winning by ad baculum.
Dude: "Man, I just won that argument so badly! Think I might have a syllogasm right now."
by Snackajack August 28, 2009
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The orgasmic, ahh moment when you correctly do any form of geometry, or when you find out you have no geometry homework.
*In Geometry class while taking new notes*
Guy: "Ahh!!! FUCK YES!! I totally did this right!!!"
Girl: "Was that a syllogasm I just heard?"
Guy: " Hell yeah! I syllogasmed all over these notes!"
Girl: " Maybe we can do some Geometry work together. And you can teach me something."
by McDothes September 18, 2013
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