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Think they can get all the girls in the world, really horny white cunts. Think they are so hot but not really , they need an upgrade on their faces.
Dylan dyne is the most annoying cunt there, dont interact with him If u dont wanna be a big fucking loser. Sydney grammar is the worst
by schooltbhs August 28, 2019
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Only good because Dylan dyne is there, his pure presence makes the school a better place may god be with him
Any fucker who disses dylan dyne isnt apart of sydney grammar
by I got you big man September 04, 2019
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A school full of smart people who are constantly taunted out of jealousy of their copious amounts of knowledge. The best people in this school are the rowers.
β€œHey do you go to Sydney grammar school”
β€œYep, why you ask?”
β€œBecause those rowers are so damn dreamy.”
by Eagin is bad September 04, 2019
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