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Swordplay is the act of engaging in a duel-like conversation where you try to outsmart your opponent with witty remarks and counter-moves, while your opponent tries the same. This is often during an argument or involuntary.
"Your arguments are those of an dairyfarmer!"
"How appropriate, you blabber like a cow!"
"Ooooo, fiine swordplay there, my friend."
by Mill Wilkinson August 23, 2013
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This is when two men attempt to smite eachother mightily with their erect, swollen purple-headed members.
Also see sword fighting.
Avast, ye scurvy dog, engage me with your flesh-cutlass and prepare to be boarded!
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When two guys are going to town on a chick and they touch inside her.
Man, Iā€™m tired of sword playing with Rob he hits me every time.
by Jim69420 August 22, 2019
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2 or more males striking their penises against each other untill ejaculation
These dudes totally wanted to swordplay with me, but i was like, "no way bro's i'm not gay!!"
by James "Big Dog" Vann July 27, 2007
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