Getting a buzz from drinking alcohol. Not quite drunk, but the feeling before hand
by the Swizzler September 23, 2003
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The motion made by a womans hand when giving a blowjob, usually involving the twisting and turning of the hand.
"Yo dude she was mad good at swizzling when she was blowin me last night"
by J-Mazz November 22, 2009
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V. To have a good time.
V. To give no fucks
V. To party it up or to get Cray. To let loose
"Lets get Swizzle"

"Dont drop that Swizzle"
"Do the Swizzle"
"I got so Swizzled last night"
by flashskate November 02, 2013
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Getting it's orgins from Snoop Dogg's famed, fo'sizzle dizzle nizzle, swizzle means sweet, awesome, radical or fabulous. It is used to express good fortune that can not be held in.
Girl-I just got asked out by that hot senior!
Girl 2-Swizzle!
by Caye April 03, 2006
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1. Swizzle - To spin or swirl a drink without a spoon or stirring apparatus. in order to distribute its contents equally.
2. Swizzles - A general verb connoting the lifestyle of a swizzler.

3. Swizzler - A person or thing which displays a generally swizzly manner or attitude.

4. Swizzed - Mixed, spun, twirled or shaken to the point of even mixture.
1. "Yo man, swizzle that shit before you drink it, lest it be disgusting and unmixed."
2. "You know that kid Jesse?"
"Yeah man, that kid swizzles all day, err' day"
3. "Let's invite Kait over, that girl is a mad swizzler. Mixing drinks all day, err' day."
4. "This long island iced tea tastes like shit."
"Aww man, that bartender swizzed it like shit. Let me mix it for you, I swizzle all day err' day."
by J Swizzles All Day December 29, 2010
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