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A kind and loving girl, fun to be around with. Sometimes she can be very annoying and irritating but always found cute no matter what. A Swizel can be bitchy at times but is always forgiven because of her charm and the ability to get what she wants. She is very soft hearted and should not be played around with. A Swizel can get any guy falling for her and knows how to have fun, can be very flirty but is loyal when she likes someone alot. A true friend and not one to lose.
Hey, do you know Swizel?
Yea annoying as hell but the best, I mean who cannot love that girl?

One can find the best personality in Swizel.
by Nolz01 October 16, 2017
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For one to ejaculate on to someone or an object.
Damn, I will swizel in my pants if she does that again.

He swizeled all over AJ's face!
by BrosephJoseph May 15, 2012
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