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A theiving, drug-taking, corsa driving, benefit stealing, burbery wearing, fight starting, car burning, knife carrying, joint smoking, ill-spoken, un-educated, no morals, stinking ugly sub-human. Normally residing in the area of Plymouth UK known as Swilly or North Prospect.
Swillyite: Ere meht, you lurkin at me burds tats, ya focker, innit n that lite.

Without accent: Here mate, are you looking my birds tits, you fucker, isn't it and that like (wtf?!)

Translation: Excuse me sir, are you examining my girlfriends breasts because if you are I disapprove!
by Andy & Tammy November 09, 2006
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A derogatory term referring to anyone from the North Prospect region of Plymouth UK. North Prospect was orginally called Swilly but they changed the name to North Prospect in an attempt to give the area a second chance. It failed.
Swillyites secretly aspire to the dizzying heights of being a plain 'Janner' however anyone moving out of the area would be attacked if they were to return for having dis'd their fellow swillites. When they are not appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show (entitled "My mothers my sister" for example)they are typically robbing each others houses or violating their asbos.
"Look at that guy's bowlcut"
"Yeah, what a Swillyite!"
by Nebcuadnessar September 09, 2006
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