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A theiving, drug-taking, corsa driving, benefit stealing, burbery wearing, fight starting, car burning, knife carrying, joint smoking, ill-spoken, un-educated, no morals, stinking ugly sub-human. Normally residing in the area of Plymouth UK known as Swilly or North Prospect.
Swillyite: Ere meht, you lurkin at me burds tats, ya focker, innit n that lite.

Without accent: Here mate, are you looking my birds tits, you fucker, isn't it and that like (wtf?!)

Translation: Excuse me sir, are you examining my girlfriends breasts because if you are I disapprove!
by Andy & Tammy November 09, 2006

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A homosexual who walks around with his mouth slightly ajar.
Mother says to son: Please can you do the dishes son?
Son says to mother: What do you think I am? Some kind of slack jawed faggot?!
by Andy & Tammy November 09, 2006

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1) A person who expels bodily gasses post gay sex.

2) A female who fanny farts, launching the ejaculated seaman at the male who produced the fluid.

3) An insult to a male you dislike, insinuating that the male is of a homosexual nature and generally unpleasant.
1) Lover 1: Oh I appear to have done a fart and some of your spunk fired out, does that make me a spunk farter?

Lover 2: Yes.

2) As above

3) Shut up spunk farter.
by Andy & Tammy November 09, 2006

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