When you perform cunnilingus on a woman under the bedsheets and, subsequent to orgasm, proceed to fart, thus creating a Dutch oven effect. Thus the sweet part (cumming) and the sour (the rancid smell of the fart.)
Patty: Dude, did that chick's pussy taste naughty or nice?

Adam: Nice man, except I let one rip right after eating her out and pulled the worst Sweet & Sour in history!
by Jackstar25 February 3, 2014
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When the Marvel logo shows up on TV, but the new Fantastic 4 movie comes on.
Way to give me Sweet & Sour, HBO. I think I'll just watch Deadpool instead.
by Thescottlorenzo September 16, 2016
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The act when putting sweet sour sauce on some bitches pussy and licking or sucking it off her pussy.
Dude look at that sweet sour pussy.
by Dalton Adams October 6, 2006
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When two guys lay next to each other and a woman uses their hard cocks like chopsticks to eat Chinese food.
I got some lo mein tonight for diner, call john and we'll have a sweet & sour sex hour.
by EddieWolf May 16, 2018
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(N.) Describes the act of eating a main course and dessert simultaneously, rather than the traditional main course first, and dessert second
Curious Observer: Nasty, are you really eating dinner and dessert at the same time?

Nasty: you've never heard of sweet and sour?
by Trips N April 10, 2014
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sweet (often used in place of the word sweet, not like in sweet like sugar, but when something cool happens)
That, sir, is the sweet and sour sound of fifty dollars going in my pocket.
by Dr, Heywood R. Floyd February 2, 2008
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While your girl is giving you a blowjob she gives you an uppercut to the balls.
My girlfriend gave me a sweet and sour last night.. I'm still a little sore.
by Anoos Kamiba September 4, 2007
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