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1. (v) An illegal method used by the Cobra-kais to hurt Daniel Larusso and remove him from the tournament. 2. (v) When something totally kicks arse. 3. (v) A term used to describe a beat-down arse-kicking.

(2) I thought about eating chicken, but a hamburger would really sweep the leg.

(3) If Steve doesn't watch himself he's gonna get his leg swept.
by heavythumb February 06, 2006
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To show no mercy or compassion, kicking someone while they're down.
Guy 1: Hey man, I really want to break up with this girl but she really likes me and she's been talking about suicide lately.

Guy 2: So what? Sweep the leg, man.
by G.I. Joe Pesci May 29, 2007
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When you do whatever you have to do to win, short of cheating, but playing dirty.

This derives from the final fight of "Karate Kid" where the main character's leg is broken and the evil Sensai instructs his student to "Sweep the leg" out from under him to win.
If the pitcher wants to get past a good hitter in baseball and throws a fastball at his face, making him walk, and possibly taking him out for the rest of the game, that is an example of "Sweep-the-leg"
by Yankbt October 09, 2007
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Sweep the leg actually means to strike a decisive, possibly illegal, blow against an unscrupulous opponent who deserves it. Since the Karate Kid film, the expression has come to mean to strike below the belt. However, revisionist scholars have uncovered an alternative reading challenging and inverting the conventional reading of the film. In Karate Kid, the bully interloper Daniel LaRusso steals Johnny Lawrence's girlfriend, and instigates several confrontations, culminating in LaRusso's protector, army veteran, and karate expert Keisuke Miyagi beating Johnny and friends up. In the tournament final fight scene LaRusso uses an illegal leg scissor take-down, then viciously elbows Johnny to the back of the head. Johnny's karate teacher, Special Forces and Vietnam veteran John Kreese, who like his students, is demonised in the film, tells Johnny to "Sweep the leg", to finish the violent cheat LaRusso. It worked, but then Miyagi used sorcery to heal the leg. LaRusso, true to form, wins the tournament with another illegal technique, a powerful uncontrolled crane kick to the front of Johnny's face, in contravention of USAKF rules. The referee was maybe distracted at the moment of the kick by the sound of drums, and looked back to see LaRusso as last man standing, and pronounced him the winner. Johnny, showing great sportsmanship, enthusiastically gave LaRusso the huge trophy. The 2018 series Cobra Kai explores this revisionist interpretation of the 1984 film.
Tom: Jizmona has been fooling around on me.
Blaze: Sweep the leg, bro' and dump that scag.

Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a "sweep the leg" illegal action? Both cities had a strong military and arms production presence, and the action was also designed to save American lives that would be otherwise lost in a land battle for the Japanese home islands. Further, the non-observance of international rules of war and humanitarian conventions by the ruthless Japanese armed forces had little to do with the decision to proceed with the nuclear bombing. Verdict: Not sweep the leg.
by Zoschenko August 22, 2018
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