(Pronounced Sweeje) An abbreviation of Silly White Guy - SWeeG. Sweegs are usually awkward, socially accepted but borderline ADHD. Not to be confused with "ceeb", which is an entirely different term on its on.
Person 1- Wow, is that guy dry humping the lockers?
Person 2- What a sweeg....
by al4 November 08, 2009
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Nerd swag

Swag possessed only by nerds and/or nerdylike people
Why do you prefer to have higher grades instead of a social life?

I may not have friends, but I have sweeg
by OMGITSLAVASWEEG November 21, 2011
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Synonymous with stupefying, sweeg (pronounced sweeg) is the highest state of astonishment. When something is too radical for words or conceptual thought. To be sweeged is to be so awestruck that no words actually come from your mouth and you're just mumbling nonsense. In some cases, sweeg can be known to leave its victims unconscious or even dead.
Dude, sweeg.
Man you totally just sweeged out.
by MOGmonster December 08, 2016
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