They always try and win. Whenever they play with others for fun they always try to win like there is money on the line.
He is a sweaty try hard, he just plays like there is money on the line.
by Dame0 October 22, 2019
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Every modern warefare player in core multiplexer mode
Modern warefare multiplayer is full of sweaty try hards and play like their actual life is at stake
by Cbd27 March 2, 2021
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a name that 9 year old's use when they see or get killed by a player because there just bad
bro there's a sweaty try hard in my house help.

bro that guys such a sweaty try hard (breaks controller)

I would have killed him man he's such a sweaty try hard
by ytsspecter May 7, 2019
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Someone who tries so hard to be cool, that it's extremely noticeable which makes them automatically not cool.
That girl trying to hang out with Pams is such a sweaty try hard.
by pamsforprez July 24, 2017
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An alternate name for a nerd. Also called a Sweat.
Teacher: *asks simple yes/no question*
Nerd: *Gives a 10 minute 8 paragraph verbal answer*
Person A: “did you hear _____ they are the biggest sweat”
Person B: *mimiking the nerd* “according to my calculathionth, I am a sweat” *(nerdy lisp)*
Person A: Yeah, what a Sweaty Try-hard!
Person B: Hello and welcome to destination perspiration!
Person A: *exaggerates the movement of wiping sweat from their forehead* Begibing to perspire are we?
Person A + B: *gets in trouble for talking*
by The Lord of The Oofs November 12, 2018
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