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The slang of the 80s or 90s . Difines something as being lively , and entertaining .

May also mean something in style .

Also , "to swagger in behavior"; showing off .
"Wow , that dancefloor is swankin' !"

"How was your day , Bob ?" "Yooo mannn it was swankin' !"

"Woweee ! Gal , your shirt is swankin' !"
by colourful_clouds July 07, 2009
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something upperclass (swanky) but awesome and cool at the same time.
by Sno- May 30, 2007
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ngl I’m pretty baked rn I made this word basically because I don’t think there’s enough words to describe chillin while high. This word specifically felt more accurate.
Person 1: “You what r u sayin bud”
Person 2: “Dude, I’m swankin”

Person 1: “Fax”
by Jotchua July 14, 2021
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