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The ship from the TV show Once Upon a Time involving the characters Emma Swan and Regina Mills (The Evil Queen)
'I ship Swan Queen'
'I don't have time to explain, but to summarise - son, clothes, parallels, no pants, subtext, perfect love story...ect.'
by awkwardfangirlurl April 25, 2013
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Emma swan and evil queen (Regina) in the show once upon a time πŸ’•
I love SwanQueen
by cΓΈn February 25, 2017
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Some one who appreciates all the swans and likes to draw them on her notebook... or friends windshields.... wherever. She strongly desires to have a pet swan to attack others with.
Daryl was walking down the street with her pet swan when someone said "Who the hell do you think you are?" and she replied, "I am the swan queen BITCH".
by Caitlin91290 February 20, 2011
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