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When a woman gives a blow job with ice in her mouth and suddenly spits out the ice cube and crams it up his anus.
Bruce gave a surprised squeal of glee when his wife gave him a swamp cooler.
by trixie360 July 18, 2009
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A cold wet rag applied to the vaginal region post coitus.
Guy: Wow, that was some hot sex!
Girl: My lady bits are on fire! Grab me a swamp cooler!
by SugarShaker September 07, 2017
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(Must be sitting down in order for it to work properly)
After a hard days work or just the usual male doings, when the chode is humid and sweaty, he scoots to the edge of the chair or wherever he's sitting and finds a comfortable position. He then must spread his legs and move them inward and outward (moving knees towards each other), creating a breeze with his thighs. In turn, the air makes the swampy conditions of his grundle cool in temperature.
"My gooch is so sweaty right now...I need to do the swamp-cooler."
by Merick August 14, 2007
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