1. When David Garofalo receives something regularly

2. When David Garofalo expresses or feels agreement with something
1. David Garofalo suscribes to The Cigar Authority podcast.
2. David Garofalo suscribes to MrJonathan's, Barry's, and Ed's cigar strength ratings.
2a. Just kidding David does NOT suscribe to their ratings and believes they grade strength too low.
by The Barroness March 27, 2021
An ultimate suscriber or a person who suscribes to just about every cretain thing.

Also can be used as Uber Suscribe or Uber Suscribes.
That dude is a magazine Uber Suscriber!
by Alien Ant March 17, 2009
1. Mispronunciation of the word "Subscriber" most notably by the YouTuber JoeysWorldTour.
2. When the subscriber is sus 😳.
You: Yeah, I'm a suscriber to Highlights Magazine.
Friend: Wait, what? But, you're 32. Anyways, why did you pronounce "subscriber" that way?
by GlitchForum April 4, 2021