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When someone (usually your friend) says something stupid. This is a term from my high school.
Friend: Apples are made out of cheese. You: That's a morsh.
by GlitchForum June 2, 2020
1. Mispronunciation of the word "Subscriber" most notably by the YouTuber JoeysWorldTour.
2. When the subscriber is sus 😳.
You: Yeah, I'm a suscriber to Highlights Magazine.
Friend: Wait, what? But, you're 32. Anyways, why did you pronounce "subscriber" that way?
by GlitchForum April 4, 2021
When your dumbass thinks that the "H" in "H₂O" has an exponent.
Question on a science exam: What is the formula for water?
You: H²O
Science teacher then proceeds to whack you with a belt.
by GlitchForum March 18, 2021