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The term "surf nazi" has been in use since the fifties to describe someone who was unconditionally devoted to surfing.

As surfing became more mainstream, local surfers became more territorial, and the term is commonly used to describe an aggressively territorial surfer.
Steve dropped out of school and now he just surfs all day, he's become a real surf nazi

A couple of kooks got beat up yesterday for trying to surf the pier in Huntington, one of them dropped in on a surf nazi
by WWG February 08, 2009
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Someone who blows off work, school, girlfriends, or all of the above to surf.
I wrote "Surf Nazi" all over my notebook and my teacher tripped!
by Mikerowave September 21, 2003
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A racist surfer. These assholes reside mostly in Southern California (San Diego to be more precise). The surf by day and beat up minorities by night.
While stargazing on Ocean Beach with my girlfriend, we witnessed several Surf Nazis attack a gay African-American couple with baseball bats.
by Timbo_J_Tool July 14, 2003
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Used to refer to a computer networks system administrator(s) and their tools. Especialy if they monitor and block either your e-mail or web traffic. Normaly this is to block porn sites, however sometimes they block all non work specific sites (for example Google/Gmail, Yahoo or buliten boards). Sometimes they even standardise your machine prevent you from loading software or organising your desktop in the way you like it.
No I didn't look at that link you sent me at work, the surf nazis blocked it!

You e-mail bounced becuase the surf nazis scan our mail at work.
by Jon-Paul April 29, 2006
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