We straight southsidin low ridin til the day we dyin! Steady steppin like a full sureno thug grey and blue...
Best bitches ever, straight up for the Raza... Puro Blue
by x3lightershadeofbrownx3 February 05, 2005
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Same as "Sure".
"It's been a great evening, Laurie. You're SURS you won't let me pick up the tab?" (Watchmen, No.1, 1986)
by Sefert July 17, 2013
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Acronym you can use at work to describe stupid people. They will not even know that you are mocking them.
SUR - Straight Up Retarded
Tech: "I think the problem is that there's an Id 10 t error on your system."
Boss: "What's that...is it bad?"
Tech: Yes, SUR!
by A. Mondo March 14, 2005
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a fucken as bitch gang that the girls are fucken more of a man then the guys they mostly end up dead by nortenios also refered to swer rats craps an pinche scrapas
look at those fags sayin sur pinche scraps ima kill u all
by . Snoopy J.r : : April 11, 2008
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Not only does "SUR" relate to the Mexican-American inhabitants of southern California, or Surenos, it also can be an accronym for "Soldier Under Restriction". A "Soldier Under Restriction" is usually a gangmember, or ex gangmember, that has been arrested and incarcerated. Tatoos of "SUR" are commanly found on these individuals.
I'm a SUR in the San Louis Abispo Prison.
by Adarkpassenger March 08, 2008
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Lazy man's way of saying "serious". Can be used in the same terms as ferl and word
girl 1: "I went out on a date last night with John"

girl 2: "SURS?"
by ilene s August 02, 2008
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