A super nerd. A nerd that is a higher ranking than just any nerd.
Man, he isn’t just any nerd. He’s a superd.
by I am foreign October 31, 2018
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Students at BYU or possibly other mormons attempt to find a loophole in the no-sex-before-marriage rule of the LDS faith.

Its quite simple.

Step 1: Drive to vegas as a heterosexual couple.

Step 2: Get a quick marriage.

Step 3: Fornicate your brains out.

Step 4: Get said marriage enolled.

Step 5: Return home and be able to say you have not had sex outside the bonds of a legally recognized marriage

And the loop hole is complete.
You realize that even though a BYU SuperDate sounds like it is a legitamate loophole you cannot fool God and it is clear that your intentions are sinful and you might as well just fornicate without the hassle of driving to Vegas.
by G to the E July 8, 2009
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Drinking so much you get powers.
by TRINTRAN! March 11, 2018
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