A device used on engines that uses a belt off the crankshaft to turn a pulley which turns fins mounted inside a casing. These fins increse pressure on the manifold side of the supercharger allowing more air into the cylinder on the intake stroke thus creating more horsepower.
by Nobis July 29, 2003
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The act of adding cannabis extracts and concentrates to a cannabis joint to make the joint stronger.
by Swan Juan July 08, 2018
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The act of adding an extra shot of any type of alcohol to a cocktail or beer to “superchargethe drink.
I poured a shot of vodka in whiteclaw to supercharge it.
by abelay June 22, 2019
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When you take a big breath of fresh air while eating a girl out and blow it up her vagina to compress it. Can lead to turbocharging.
My girlfriend asked me to be kinky so while eating her out I supercharged her vagina.
by italianstallion923 August 23, 2012
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when you take a battery out of some ones calculator and hit the positive end of it on the table as hard as you can and then put it back into the calculator with out the person knowing
This is the ideal end result of supercharging a battery
them: why the fuck is my calculator not working
you: i supercharged the battery it should be working twice as good
them: your an asshole
by Allidoispalooze March 09, 2010
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Two shots of jagermeister followed immediately by a miller high life--which must be pounded. Any type of Miller may be used if high life is not available. However, a bottle is always preferable to draft.
I think I blacked out last night; it must have been that supercharger.

Holy shit, are they taking superchargers?

I'll have a supercharger; my girlfriend will have a shot of tequila.
by Pirateskill October 18, 2007
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The most leetest and feared hacker in the ao scene.

see also

dude did supercharged just enter the room?
by Fan February 05, 2004
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