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Super-Kong-Dong-Master-Destroyer-Size(adj.) To describe something that is overly large, bigger than the biggest, overly huge or supersized. A word describing an object (can be anything really) that is extremely large in length, width, height, or of abnormal largeness.
Person 1: "WOW!!! check it out! look at her boobs! they are super-kong-dong-master-destroyer-size!!! Man.....I've never seen some so huge!"

Person 2: "Holy Christmas! it's SUPER-KONG-DONG-MASTER-DESTROYER-SIZED!"

"Ya' know I thought I had seen them all.. till yesterday when I saw his super-kong-dong-master-destroyer-sized...cock! It's the biggest ever!"

You know your BIG when she says that your Super-Kong-Don-Master-Destroyer-Size!"
by KitKat73 March 14, 2010
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