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A shit so amazingling huge you must remove the side of your house and have a flat bed truck transport it to the ocean where it will take up to three months for the mammoth shit to break down into several thousand small shits.

This is often a side affect from eating freeze-dried food or too much bread with water.
Everyone leave, I have to take a super shit... NOW!
by Dewit May 26, 2009
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a word used when you are insulted, and you want to show them that you can make them suck their own dicks
A fool: Hey bro, you're so stupid and ugly, how can that be?
You: Yes, because I was supershit and I will not change your life to be more useful than a used toilet tissue.
by soundbreak February 08, 2014
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When you have the shits... but super. The shits are when you have to go poop all the time. It is diarrhea like. They are nasty and caused by food usually.
I had the shits already... after that McDonald's though, I have the super shits.
by Billiam963 March 30, 2009
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Something that is so useless, meaningless, trivial or untrue that it is beyond bullshit. Use when "bullshit" is an understatement.
The first rumor was just bullshit. But the rumor about me sleeping with 10 guys at the party, that was supershit.
by ta0paipai May 10, 2010
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