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Ironic slang for a committee formed to have lots of meetings, get nothing done, and ultimately defer a problem. Often created as a delay tactic when members of an organization are more concerned with preserving their own standing than working towards the greater good.
John: Our problems seem so easy to solve if both sides compromise. It's just basic common sense.
Sally: Don't be so sure. The people in charge just formed a Super Committee.
John: I guess I'll keep reading Sartre.
by Concerned Citizen 2012 November 21, 2011
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Bringing great attention to, and making big fanfare about something that in reality has little or no possibility of sucess, or has far less significant outcome than originally expressed. Originates from the establishment of a Committee established to purportedly reduce the debt of the federal government in 2011. Unfortunately the committee and the establishment of this committee was all a ruse, and failed to produce any significant debt reduction, but more legislative back-biting in congress. Alt. - See Smoke and Mirrors.
You want a new car? Let me establish a super-committee and we'll get right on that one.
by halejr November 21, 2011
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