A girl who cheats on her boyfriend, dumps him, and then continues to try to get with him afterwards, that is a super bitch!!!
Amber, Amber, and Did I Mention Amber? Amber Is A Super Bitch!
by Claire Gutliph November 17, 2007
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The best and baddest of all bitches. The word bitch alone implies that you're just annoyed about something or you're a stuck up snob. The super bitch passes all these she's confident and shows it, she's hot and pretty much always gets her way, most hates her because of the power she posses, but she really doesn't care. She runs bitch city and all other lame bitches fall way behind.
This fat whore talks crap about super bitch among her friends and to super bitch's boyfriend! Super bitch sees fat whore at a company function and fat whore pretends not to see super bitch, sooooooo super bitch walks up to fat whore (in a crowd of other haters) and says "saneeta... good evening" and super bitch smiles her drop dead georgeous smile and walks away.. leaving fat whore intimidated and shocked! Did I mention fat whore is also nasty whore who slept with her sister's boyfriend!:O!
by cantfindaname March 28, 2008
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Laura, or any person who tries to take personal belongins. For example someones hat.
Where is the super bitch?
Oh, Laura is in her room.
That super bitch took my hat again.
by eman916 December 2, 2003
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A little known Transformer mode. Like Battle mode, vehicle mode, etc.

Also what a person transforms into when they are ill and cranky. See Red Dragon Mode. Transformation usually only takes place once a month in females.
Starscream: Dude, what up with Optimus prime?

Shockwave: Man,Omega Supreme kicked his ass!

Starscream: Oh,he's in Super Bitch Mode.


Your friend: What up with your girl homie? Why she buggin?

You: She transformed into Super Bitch Mode last nite.
by Bullseye November 11, 2006
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*A woman with a phat ass and a strut.

*A women with juicy breasts and a nice bounce.

*A sexy women with much attitude.
Bruh that chick’s is bangin, and she has got mad attitude..Yo that chick is an Super Bad Bitch.
Gurl, you’re a SBB...
by Sel-Block May 9, 2019
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