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A little known Transformer mode. Like Battle mode, vehicle mode, etc.

Also what a person transforms into when they are ill and cranky. See Red Dragon Mode. Transformation usually only takes place once a month in females.
Starscream: Dude, what up with Optimus prime?

Shockwave: Man,Omega Supreme kicked his ass!

Starscream: Oh,he's in Super Bitch Mode.


Your friend: What up with your girl homie? Why she buggin?

You: She transformed into Super Bitch Mode last nite.
by Bullseye November 11, 2006
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To trick some one.

To state "Gotcha!"
You: Hey man, look, its a purple cow!

Friend: Where??!?!

You: GEETUM!!!
by Bullseye November 10, 2006
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