Slang short for "What's up, bro". Most commonly used in short texting.
A: Sup bro?
B: You know what's up, everything is screwed.
by ZombieAstronaut February 27, 2017
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When saying this phrase make sure you have either a shotgun or exploding device in your hand before using it on someone who doesn't expect it.
(Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)
IndianaPWNS-(Has RPG in hand) ooo Sup BRO

KillerInstinct-(C4)dude I just sup broed that guy
by Nareik Kciradorb April 02, 2010
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The phrase one says when approaching a bro, usually used when the elbow is raised high sloping down to a hand giving a high five from one bro to another
"Sup Bro!"
by Master.Yeezy April 08, 2017
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N. Someone like a surfer or cocky person who likes to start sentences with Sup bro? (whats going on brother) so often it's ridiculous
N. THe male version of a valley girl
kate: oh my don't pop your collar what are you some frat boy sup bro ?
zach: your an ass
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
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The mind state of a serious bro. You have got to be thinking about the swell, hanging out with top mints, longboarding, greeting others with "sup bro?", noticing your best bro's tan, and find yourself most attractive with your shirt off.
We were boarding down Hall when all of a sudden SC's sector9 split and he started freaking out. I told him to bring back the sup-bro mentality and things went back to being chill.
by tOmbrOchill March 23, 2008
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