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Slang short for "What's up, bro". Most commonly used in short texting.
A: Sup bro?
B: You know what's up, everything is screwed.
by ZombieAstronaut February 27, 2017
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The phrase one says when approaching a bro, usually used when the elbow is raised high sloping down to a hand giving a high five from one bro to another
"Sup Bro!"
by Master.Yeezy April 08, 2017
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When saying this phrase make sure you have either a shotgun or exploding device in your hand before using it on someone who doesn't expect it.
(Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)
IndianaPWNS-(Has RPG in hand) ooo Sup BRO

KillerInstinct-(C4)dude I just sup broed that guy
by Nareik Kciradorb April 02, 2010
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N. Someone like a surfer or cocky person who likes to start sentences with Sup bro? (whats going on brother) so often it's ridiculous
N. THe male version of a valley girl
kate: oh my don't pop your collar what are you some frat boy sup bro ?
zach: your an ass
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
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