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A person who acts like a Christian on a Sunday but does not the rest of the week.
"See that woman up there, shes a real Sunday Christian"
by Hi Ho April 10, 2009
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Someone that uses the Christian religion to hide their lack of faith, immoral actions, and societal misdeeds on the guise that Jesus died for their sins. These people will sometimes attend church every sunday, or maybe even 'just' occasionally (and sometimes never at all) just to be looped into a large group in order to feel as though their shallow beliefs will be backed up because of sheer numbers.

Sunday Christians will also take anything said about their religion personally, and sometimes as an attack on "their" god. This gives them a false cause and a reason to feel righteous about themselves.

Sunday Christians are very rarely moral or honorable people. They assume that they are good people solely based on their religion, rather than their actions. Sunday Christians are frauds to the religion's bedrock of actual do-gooders.
"It doesn't matter if I ______, Jesus died for my sins, so I'll go to heaven."

Insert one of the following: Lie, cheat, steal, blasphem, murder, commit adultery, prejudge, am a racist, etc.

The term "Sunday Christian" is not usable in the example sentence.
by Leuthesius March 17, 2007
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The name given to a Christian who attends church on a Sunday and pretends to be nice and kind yet outside of the building and for every other day of the week is simply a nasty bastard who doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything. Normally hangs around in cliques and is very critical, condescending and judgemental.
Things a typical Sunday Christian say.

"Jean, there's a man outside the church who needs something to eat. He looks very cold and hungry."
"Enough of your nonsense, I've done my Christian duty for today and besides I need to get home as there's a TV show I want to watch."
"That's not very charitable. Look, there's a tin of tuna on the side and a loaf of bread. I think we can extend some Christian love to this gentleman."
"You listen here. Don't you get on the wrong side of me or I shall write a scathing letter to the church elders about what I see as your impertinence. Now, don't you cross me. Just usher him away and let's get out of here. I've got better things to be doing with my time than spending time with low-lifes like him."
"Yes Jean."
by mammarylane September 17, 2017
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