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The 'Lollar' is a form of internet currency formed in 2002 by several internet forumers.

In comparison to the American Dollar, the Lollar (£) is its virtual equivalent, except that instead of a federal reserve with interest rate control powers, the laughter of the internet controls the value of the Lollar.

The currency is broken down very similar to its American non-virtual counterpart:

"Lol" is £0.01
"Lolcrumpet" is £0.05
"Lolcookie" is £0.10
"Lolmuffin" is £0.25
"Loldoughnut" is £0.50
"Lollar" is £1.00
"Lollarscone" is £5.00
"Lollarbagel" is £10.00
"Lollarbiscuit" is £20.00
"Lollarwaffle" is £50.00
"Lollarcaek" is £100.00 --which can either be a single 'note', or 100 'Lollars' in a single "caek" or stack.
"Lollarpancaek" is £500.00
"Lollarpropercaek " is £1000.00

Alternatively, there is also the "Kek". Unfortunately, "Keks" are valued similar to the Japanese Yen, and those have no pre-names. You simply have 1003 "Keks" instead of Lollarpropercake three Lollars.

Laughter is the very currency the internet thrives by. We're technically all very wealthy. Except for Emo kids. Their internet currency, the "Moan"(m s/w), is always in a depression.

The matter of the entire currency being named primarily after forms of breakfast pastries or those used for treats and/or tea times is simply an extra statement that the internet is indeed full of overweight nerdy men with no lives who love to stuff their faces with sugary goodness as their pimples explode onto their keyboards whilst they play popular online MMORPGS.

Also, for every man or woman who dies while playing an online video game, the overall power and value of the Lollar increases nearly exponentially.

If major pornography networks were to be taken offline, the Lollar would plummet in value overnight and an internet depression would start, sparking riots and supernatural occurrences of yards cutting themselves as well as giant boxy glasses and people walking directly into walls because they cannont see due to emo hair.
"You owe me a Lollar (£)"
"I'm not joking, you think a single Lol is going to get me off your back? You owe me a hundred lols, or I break your ankle and you owe me a Lollarcaek."
"Fine... here.... lollollollollollollollollollollollollol
"Finally. Jeez, did you HAVE to give it all to me in change?"
";_;, now all I have is a couple of Moans."

by Leuthesius September 29, 2007
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1) To delete oneself from social networking sites over mis-communication or dissolution with online peers.

2) An act of emo to garner attention from peers that includes eRazorblades.

3) Most serious definition, where one commits an act of real world suicide in front of a live webcam audience.
"Nobody loves me on the internets. Unless I get an eHug right now I'm going to go eOff myself by committing Interneticide."

"Hey everyone, I just took ten uppers, ten downers, a few pain pills, a Viagra, and thirty Tylenol PM's. I'll be dead in about half an hour. You have that amount of time to call convince me life is worth living."
by Leuthesius December 04, 2011
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Someone that uses the Christian religion to hide their lack of faith, immoral actions, and societal misdeeds on the guise that Jesus died for their sins. These people will sometimes attend church every sunday, or maybe even 'just' occasionally (and sometimes never at all) just to be looped into a large group in order to feel as though their shallow beliefs will be backed up because of sheer numbers.

Sunday Christians will also take anything said about their religion personally, and sometimes as an attack on "their" god. This gives them a false cause and a reason to feel righteous about themselves.

Sunday Christians are very rarely moral or honorable people. They assume that they are good people solely based on their religion, rather than their actions. Sunday Christians are frauds to the religion's bedrock of actual do-gooders.
"It doesn't matter if I ______, Jesus died for my sins, so I'll go to heaven."

Insert one of the following: Lie, cheat, steal, blasphem, murder, commit adultery, prejudge, am a racist, etc.

The term "Sunday Christian" is not usable in the example sentence.
by Leuthesius March 17, 2007
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