the opposite of "snowbirds" old people come up north to Cape Cod from southern states during summer and jam up our roads, don't know how to use rotarys and just ruin the summer
wow look at those idiots stoping on the rotary to let people on.......Sunbirds
by Darrin.D August 24, 2010
Holy shit check out that ugly mole of a sunbird!

If she wasn't so god damn fat she wouldn't be such a fucking sunbird!

by amwee August 31, 2006
A person who lives and works in Florida, then seeks cooler summer areas in the North, especially after retirement.
Basically the opposite of a snowbird.
I am a Florida Sunbird, are you?
by brightsun1999 July 14, 2018
The infamous ‘Predatory Stalker’ that explicitly targeted the Durham Region during the 1960’s. Although these attacks were generally isolated in the Durham Region, there have been reports of similar incidents across Ontario, spanning as far west as Windsor and as far east as Kingston. The Sunbird Stalker was eventually caught in the Limestone City where he was sent to the Kingston Penitentiary.

The Sunbird Stalker’s true alias is unknown to the public, as authorities silenced this particular case almost immediately after his capture. To this date stories of his existence are told as ghost stories and around campfires by youth in the region.
*One foggy Halloween night, two boys are Trick-or-Treating on old Sunbird Street *

Youcef: Dude lets not go to this one… this is the house where the Sunbird Stalker lived!
Cory: Relax man… there hasn’t been a murder here in years.
Youcef: Do you know who lives in this place now?
Cory: Rumour has it the Singh's do.
by Donald fon Ronsenburg July 22, 2010