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A cute little southern town in South Carolina that has a lot of historical stuff like plantations. Whoop-de-do. This place is extremely boring, so most people between the ages 14-18 end up drinking excessively and "partying" (which is really just getting cross-faded and going to walmart or something). It's choc-full of little sub-divisions, where you will find a nice assortment of old farts, 6 year-olds, and pot-head teenagers. High schools include Summerville HS (for the sluts), Fort Dorchester HS(for the gangsters. not a joke), Ashley Ridge HS (for the rednecks), and Pinewood Prep (for the fucking annoying people). Occasionally, you will find some decent people that are fun to be around. Even then, however, you will find yourself spending hours trying to figure out what to do today.
Person 1: I'm so bored.
Person 2: Duh, we live in Summerville

Drunk Person 1: HAH I'M SO DRUNK
Drunk Person 2: Hahahahaha let's go to walmart because that's the only fun thing to do other than smoking a shit-load of weed!
by hostilekid December 27, 2010
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Anyone who gets grounded for 2+ weeks after their parents busted a drinking party in their own home.
"Emma is such a Summerville, now she has to sit inside and watch Maury for the next 2 weeks because of Mike Green"
by Patty Mayonaise January 06, 2008
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