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When during a fun summer time activity someone brings up the thought of school starting soon and lowers the moral of the entire group.
Tom: Hey man lets go surfing
Jim: okay, hey do you relize that school starts in 17 days?
Tom: stop bein such a "Summer Bummer" man
by Chase Yaz August 19, 2007
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An absolute cool chicka, she laughs alot and occasionally comes out with random sayings, she's gorgeous and is known for being heard before seen. She seems to know everyone and is a tad bitchy but neverless really nice!
''Did you see that Summer Bummer?! I'd love to be friends with her!''
by CBearMinEhEhEh August 12, 2009
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a person who bums around (does whatever they feel like whenever they want) all summer lonnng. the person may or may not have a job, but probably smokes pot. if you are one, you're probably proud of it. if you're not, you probably wish you were.
"what are you doing this summer?"
"nothing at all"
"oh i see, you're a summer bummer"
"hellll yes"
by EE$ April 19, 2007
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