used to describe the feeling of an opiate high.
"Everytime it hit my veins, it feel like summer breeze."
by ellafien11 September 23, 2013
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A Summer Breeze is the act of farting in bed, fanning it at your partner with the sheets while singing Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts.
I totally gave my girlfriend a Summer Breeze in bed last night.
by gasman72 May 5, 2009
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a beautiful girl who is commonly referred as an angel. she has eyes that will put you in a trance and she holds the one and only booty that will shake the earth.
guy #1 "woah did you feel that? felt like an earthquake!"

guy #2 "nah i think summer breeze jones just sat down"
by hooligan hoolio December 9, 2018
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The act of farting while getting Fellatio.
When the wife raises her head.

“Was that a summer breeze?”
by Thomas Crawford March 13, 2023
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