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Is known to be a beast at everything he does. Usually a term for a unstoppable racer on the streets. Very often he is known for his intelligent and resilient character. In the modern day it is used as a name for a man with chiseled good looks and great intellect. It is also widely known that Sukrit is sweet, sensible, caring, humble and sensitive. The kind of guy you would want to spend eternity with. Someone you would love to your hearts content and more. Some scholars also use the word "Sukrit" for the feeling of being in love.
Person 1: Dang i just got an A in class and got accepted to Yale and Harvard.
Person 2: Ohhh well then seems like u just pulled a Sukrit.
by I wish i was named Sukrit. October 03, 2011
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a kid that plays sports who gets frequently injured and never quits bitching about his "injuries". His injuries are of the slightest nature and randomly occur.
Saurabh says, "Owwww!" "My tetanus shot!". Caleb says," Quit being a Sukrit."
by swamizzle March 20, 2008
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