Best pop-punk type band ever. Definitely not posers.
Includes Really Talented & Hot Men Such As:
(1) Tim Pagnotta Singer/Guitarist
(1) Airin Bassist
(1) Marko 72 Lead Guitarist
(1) Kenny Livingston Drummer
(1) Ben Davis Ex-Drummer

Eleven pop-punk
Wrap Me Up In Plastic pop-punk
Start Static pop-punk *best album*
Palm Trees & Power Lines Emo/Pop-Punk

Stuck In America
Bouncing Off The Walls *Killed By MTV*
Pretty Girl (The Way)

Please buy their CDs. Now. 'Cause they don't suck. You suck!
I will do Sugarcult tomorrow night after their concert.
by i_did_tim_pagnotta August 05, 2004
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Did you get their new ced? Every fucking song on it ROCKED!
by lexxi September 13, 2003
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The epitome (e·pit·o·me for you kids) of sucking balls and sounding like a fart bubble of semen.
I shot my baby batter in this crack whores asshole and it totally sugarculted.
by The true Girth Brooks April 03, 2010
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a kick ass band, that never got big, but should have. a punk/ska mix. some songs include (but are not limeted to): bouncing off the walls, stuck in america, pretty girl, hate every beutiful day, wake up, beutiful stalker, say im sorry, over now, destenation anywhere, back to california, and memory. other related artists are: linkin park, new found glory, taking back sunday, and blink 182. their albums include: eleven, wrap me up in plastic wrap, starstatic, palm trees and powerlines
dude i love sugarcult
by kaylin_strange March 08, 2004
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a power-pop band (no, theyre not punk), whos latest album (palm trees and power lines)was a let down compared to the stunning 'start static'. they've never made the big time for no apparent reason.
buy 'start static', burn 'palm trees and power lines'
by lea_lea_lea July 28, 2004
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