Someone who is so sweet, calling them “sugar” just won’t do. They are a concentrated high dose of sweetness.

Forbidden nectar from the gods, in cube form.
“I went next door to borrow a cup of sugar, and fell in love with the sweetest little sugar cube.”
by Gypsy1226. April 20, 2019
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This is a small cube. Often made of sugar, ironically. One or more of these cubes is put in tea or coffee by people who have a strange geometric preference to them instead of granulated sugar.
Jardine: "Hey Maurine do you want sugar in your tea?"

Maurine: "Only a sugar cube! None of this powdered crap!"
by Infensus June 14, 2012
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someone who gives a lots of sugar during sex
Ali is such a sugar cube! I love her in bed!
by Bob Joe March 06, 2005
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What you use to call someone's cheeks because it resembles a sugar cube.
Wow her sugar cubes make her so cute
by Zero and One May 03, 2016
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