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The inner vaginal region of an STD infested whore. Pertaining to someone that has tendencies of being emotionally unstable, clingy, and extremely dependent. Feels the need to share her sexual encounters with the general public. Feeds off of attention from others, like a sponge. Is obnoxious, loud, inconsiderate, and steals underwear.
Surgeon General: The fucking of the Suez Canal could lead to severely contagious sexually transmitted diseases such as crabs, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS that may cause burning, itching and discomfort or even pain while urinating. You have been warned.
Tom - "I gave the Suez Canal an Alabama hot pocket and a dirty Sanchez last night. This morning I woke up and was like DAMN, my shit BURNS!"

Sandra - "I told yo ass not to go near the canal! Now look at you, all scratchin yourself all the time."
by Estero High School March 07, 2007
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