A giant green monster that spends most of its days laying underneath the beds of little boys only to emerge at night while they sleep to do the dirty work.
Jose was sparred by the Penis Sucking Chode Monster under his bed because his nasty uncircumcised johnson was too disgusting, even for the filthy beast.
by $$C-MONEY$$ June 30, 2011
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Someone who thinks that they are the shit but instead should eat shit
Dan: Hey paul i got invited to the big party cause im cool
Paul: dan stop being a cock sucking chode blower ya fat cunt
by Bigdaddykooni April 27, 2017
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suck a small and wide dick
"hi fredrik, why dont you go and suck on a chode" suck on a chode
by willdic January 15, 2016
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National Suck A Chode Day occurs on July 7th.
Anyone can suck a Chode.
Tom: "Dude, did u hear what tomorrow is?"
Zach: "The 7th?"
Tom: "No! It's national Suck A Chode Day!"
Zach: "I'll text Stacy now!"
by HappyDICKS10075 July 6, 2017
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