Hot sexy Female/females Sucking dominics balls
Dominics here
Guess who'll be sucking balls later??
This gal
by Get dominic laid everyday January 31, 2019
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To take pleasure in sucking or pleasureing a man's testicles
Dude I t bag my girfriend and she wont let me pull my nuts out of her she really likes that shit

Wow she really likes sucking balls
by Savy my nigga January 31, 2019
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An expression used when things are shitty to the extent that the situtation is analogous to the displeasure a heterosexual male would feel if he were to suckle upon the testicles of another man.
by Faulkner August 11, 2006
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If something just isn't your style.
Or if you don't like something.
"Dude, wanna jam out with Save The Whales Foundation?!"
"No, that fuckin' sucks balls"

"My parents grounded me for last night."
"That sucks balls."
by amand-a-saurus rex August 29, 2008
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I would rather be anywhere else than doing this if i could this thing/orginazation/group can suck my balls term for extremely boring forced activity
Jack was giving a lecture in band class about god KNows what and then i turned to cricket and said This sucks balls and we then were happly ejected from the lecture.
by Travis June 5, 2005
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When something or someone is being so incredibly gay/retarded, the only thing you can compare it to that makes any logical sense is someone plopping a sick-ass nutsack into there mouth.
"That kid must suck balls a lot"-anyone but that kid

by Babyface Doutrive July 27, 2006
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I want to suck balls they are especially kinky if you drop them on your tongue......
by i am a fellow ball sucker April 12, 2006
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