Those 3 special words every girl longs to hear
"You know i love you, you don't need to hear it again. Now Suck my cock"
by Ze 1 September 06, 2005
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A man commanding you for a blow job. In most cases you dont have a choice. Its best to make him sit down on a chair if you do have to do it.
by Street 69 Freak(Kiwi) February 14, 2005
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"Say those three words".
Of course, the guy is about to sweat bullets. Is it the I LOVE YOU sentence, no.
"Suck my Cock".
You give heard, or oral pleasure.
*Slurp.* Mmm. *Gulp.* Oh yeah... *Gulp.*
by yourmama December 08, 2003
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One really rude way of asking your lover to have an oral intercourse with you.
by Diane-chan June 12, 2007
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When someone pisses u of and u say why don't u suck my big white juicy cock
by Wertyuio9 November 20, 2018
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