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The supposed "Picture perfect American family." Usually a 9 to 5 father, with a stay at home mother, with a talkitive drama queen daughter, and a football jocky/baseball player son. Have smiles plastered to their face.
Mandy(suburbian1): "Gee, billy, what can we do today!"
Billy(Suburbian2):"Let's try to cheer up that dark depressed goth kid! He'll enjoy it!"
"Goth kid"(poser):"Leave me alone, im conjuring the dead."
by Wigga-squeezer October 15, 2003
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1. Musicians from the suburbs who bring joy and happiness to everyone that they meet.

2. Lesbians or would be lesbians from the suburbs who spread joy and happiness.

3. Musical lesbians from the suburbs who spread joy and happiness.
Suburbians are here to take over your city.
by Carl Dyer April 21, 2006
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What people say when they think it makes them look smarter to add another syllable to suburban.
"I live in a suburbian area."
"Suburbian isn't a word."
by ftchacha March 28, 2009
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Backyard ducks living in the suburbs bringing joy to other people.
My Suburbian Ducks bring joy to other people
by duckyoufred September 03, 2019
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