Something too honest for words to express or too insane to be expressed by words. Often used in reference to the late poet Guy Sturtevant.
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce is full of Sturtevantness.

That shit your mom said about my balls was nothing but Sturtevantness.

I'm sick of all the sturtevantness falling out people's mouths on Fox news and CNN.
by brandonsbass May 2, 2010
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To take a shit in a public toilet that is so horrendous that people flee the area, often in a state of panic or fear.
Friend 1: it’s a shame that lovely cafe went out of business. I really enjoyed the home made cakes.
Friend 2: yes, it was never the same after Andy sturtevanted the place last year. People just couldn’t forget…
by RJ Giants January 9, 2022
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