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Something too honest for words to express or too insane to be expressed by words. Often used in reference to the late poet Guy Sturtevant.
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce is full of Sturtevantness.

That shit your mom said about my balls was nothing but Sturtevantness.

I'm sick of all the sturtevantness falling out people's mouths on Fox news and CNN.
by brandonsbass May 2, 2010
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A French weapon of war consisting of two kegs filled with soldiers' blood. A sprinkler attached to the top of the kegs spun and soaked the battlefield instilling pants pissing fear in those who stood against it. First deployed in 1778, this device was of little use against General Smallwood's Militia. However, the second Bludagon, although still destroyed, infected Smallwood's troops and killed them all. This was one of the two French Military victories against the United States.
"Holy fucking shit, General Smallwood! It's the Bludagon."
by brandonsbass September 11, 2008
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