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Noun. One who should act as a supervisor and point of accountability, but doesn't and therefore simply observes the stupidity of their subordinates without making any effort to correct those actions.
Wow, that guy sucks at his job. Maybe he'd be better if his stuporvisor did anything about it.
by MrSkulled December 06, 2012
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Can refer to two different types of superiors in a corporate setting:
(1) Someone who occasionally checks in on you throughout the workday to ensure that you aren't using drugs or alcohol.
(2) A similar type of "big boss man" as described in Example #1, but who is HIMSELF in such a beer/weed-haze that he is perpetually unable to effectively perform his assigned duties, and who is therefore apparently intended to merely be a "seat warmer" if da higher-ups keep him on.
Tronald Dump may indeed not be a substance-user, but his arrogance and ignorance make his such an inept stuporvisor for looking out for the rest of us!
by QuacksO November 19, 2018
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