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A fictional television show that is referenced in the 1980s sitcom "The Young Ones." One of the main characters, Vivian (played by Adrian Edmundson) is a punk rocker who is a devoted fan of the show.
Vivian: "Hurray, we've got to get home quick or I'll miss Bastard Squad!"
by RevDrDark February 26, 2009
Hippie, derived from 1950s slang equivalent to "down" or "Cool"; seen variously as hep (as in Hepcat) and later 'hip'via the white beatnik culture of the late 1950s. People who followed the original alterantive lifestyle tied to the youth movements of the 1960s radicals were called "Yippies'; this later morphed, by association with the still active beatniks, into "hippie." After the 1970s hippies were seen by many as sellouts, because they embraced the very money-centered culture that they professed to abhor, becoming "Yuppies" (Young Urban Professionals); many modern 'hippies' are no more than mall rats who wear the designer versions of what the hippies of the 1960s made themselves; i.e., tie-dies, sandals, etc; so there is no true note of alternativism in the modern hippie "movement". Drug use is a prevalent theme in both eras, as is disrespect for authority and established institutions.
"Hey, Louie, y'know what's orange and looks good on a hippie?"

"No Danny, what?"

by RevDrDark May 4, 2006
Anything completely lacking in value, purpose, and lacking a positive contribution to the matter at hand. As 'bullshit' or 'b.s.' is usually used to denote something as meaningless or without practical value, stupid adds more derision. Can also be used in the sense of 'drama'
At work they set up this new way to handle orders, and Johan and me both think it's nothing but stupid bullshit, man.


Jerry's ex-old lady came over and started a bunch of stupid bullshit, man.
by RevDrDark May 4, 2006