the opposite of a sausage fest, refering to a bunch of girls (vaginas)
That was a stuffed shells party.
by KristenWhalley October 26, 2005
When a female has a block of cheese in their vagina
I gave my girl a stuffed shell. We had to go American because sharp leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
by FrogsFly April 28, 2022
When you stick one or many fingers into your own anus and take the fecal matter from your rectum. With your finger covered in poop, you stick it/them in her vagina while simultaneously fingering her. Repeat the process until her vagina is either full or until she has climaxed.
i stuck my own finger in my ass, now im gonna take my poopfinger and shove it in her pussy. thats called giving a stuffed shell.
by edstl228 July 25, 2010
When you fuck your girl who is on her period and has a yeast infection and you pull your dick out and it looks like it’s got marinara sauce and ricotta cheese on it
My girl had her period and a yeast infection. I fucked her anyway and said I’m Italian...I love stuffed shells!
by OHB JOE August 24, 2019